5 SDG targets (out of 5) strongly impacted by digital technologies


Provide affordable, reliable, sustainable energy for all by 2030

Driving new energy opportunities, infrastructure, and access, and monitoring and optimizing energy use through digital solutions

Power of digital

Digital solutions can help optimize physical infrastructure. ICTs and energy efficiency are related in two ways: “Greening of ICTs” and “Greening through ICTs”


  • Optimizing renewable energy production, and using smart grids for more efficient consumption
  • Transforming ICTs to be less carbon intensive
  • Improving the energy density of batteries for better storage

Potential risks & digital harms

  • Over-digitalization of smart systems can have adverse environmental impacts


countries implemented

Featured solutions


Nithio is a data-driven, blended finance vehicle providing a risk-informed and sustainable approach to finance aggregated receivables for the off-grid solar sector, leveraging a proprietary risk-analytics data engine

Examples of countries implemented

Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda

Power of digital

  1. Standardizes credit risk using data, AI and financial modeling
  2. Investors can quantify and assess risk to inform their financing
  3. Companies of all sizes can get loans at scale, unlocking energy access
“By leveraging Nithio […] communities that need it most are given priority access to renewable electricity”
Anne-Marie Chidzero, Director, FSDAi


countries implemented


COMET is a simulation-based software designed to explore and assess electricity demand for mini-grids through end-user workshops. Both a planning software and community engagement platform, it increases understandings of energy consumption and mitigates demand-side risks

Examples of countries implemented

Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Somaliland, India, Nepal, and Fiji

Power of digital

  1. Captures end-user input to align with community needs and insights
  2. Offers an engaging, versatile platform for diverse mini-grid communities worldwide
  3. Reports help optimize mini-grid design and digital approach streamlines assessments, saving time and resources
“COMET is the only tool designed specifically to help developers work with the community to explore their own long-term demand growth and usage behaviours”
Bernie Jones, Managing Director, Smart Villages UK